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The World Finals
It is the goal of most every OMer to reach the World Finals, a unique spectacle in which more than 5,000 creative students take over a university. We have some pages here to prepare you for the big event. For more information about the World Finals, visit the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals page.

Creative Pranks
See how Matt tricked his roommate in Iowa last year in Once Upon a Mattress.

Pin Trading
No world finals would be complete with out pin trading. Amazingly, in the span of four days, an entire pin-based economy is set up. What's next? Selling pins short? A Dow Jones pin index? Pin options? Our pin trader's guide introduces you to the basics.

Pin Rejects
Designing and 'marketing' your own pin is a creative challenge in itself. Here are some pins you'll never see, our pin rejects.

Find us at the World Finals. We'd love to meet you. Created by Lee and Matthew Semel