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Stories & Humor

Your Stories
We want to hear from you. Tell us your favorite OM anecdotes, whether serious or silly. Read some of the stories others have submitted, then send us your own.

The Weather from Iowa
The story of a world-champion structure team, as told by its coach.

OMers Abound
I had a CD-ROM with all the addresses and phone numbers in the United States, and I couldn't resist looking. Here's what I found.

Creative Pranks

See how Matt tricked his roommate in Iowa last year in Once Upon a Mattress... and prepare in case someone tries this on you!

A Serious Performance
A serious OM performance reflects on the Holocaust.

OM Words
The most useless page on the Internet! We searched the dictionary for words containing the letters 'OM'. Use these the next time you need something really stupid to add to your presentation.

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